Danh mục
Một số trường ở Malaysia

1. AIMST University http://www.aimst.edu.my/

2. Asia e University http://www.k-uni.net/AeU.html

3. International Medical University http://www.imu.edu.my/imu/

4. INTI International University & College http://newinti.edu.my/main/home

5. Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College http://www.kliuc.edu.my/university/index.php

6. Malaysia University of Science and Technology http://www.must.edu.my/

7. Management and Science University http://www.msu.edu.my/v7/

8. National University of Malaysia http://www.ukm.my/portal/

9. Open University Malaysia http://www.oum.edu.my/oum/v2/

10. University of Malaysia http://www.um.edu.my/